Empties #5

We’re back with our first Empties-post of the year!

empties01 jan.

As always when we do these Empties posts we each bring a bunch of empty products and shortly review them in no particular order. We just want to clear out that we are two persons with different skintypes. (J has combination/oily skin and E has super oily skin).
We try to be as clear as possible, but especially in these kinds of posts there can be some confusion since we don’t use the exactly same products and not always have the same opinions about certain products.

empties03 jan.

H&M Hi-Definition Invisible Powder 2/5
This powder was more of a bust but I kept using it since I did not have any other loose powders at the time. It was super finely milled and flew around everywere, and had a strong scent to it. It lasted a few hours on me and it was a good colour, not like a white cast or anything that can sometimes be with these loose powders. Have not done any flash test though. The price is good and the packaging is clean and simple which in my opinion is nice.

Avon Care Argan Oil Handcream 2/5
I didn’t like this hand cream much at all, it was so runny that it was a mess to apply. Softened hands pretty good, but I’ve got many other hand creams that does a much better job so I won’t be getting this again.

L’Oréal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara 3,5/5
I loved this mascara when I purchased it and it held up for a month but after that it began clumping up and was a real mess to use. It is however, not too affordable so if one is up for a new mascara every month or so it can be a really nice mascara. At the end of the day it did smudge a little but I do have quite oily skin and this is no waterproof product so I won’t hold that against it. The brush is a bit big and bulky but I like brushes like that, gives a lot of product on the lashes. I don’t think I’ll be buying this again but I do recommend it.

L’Occitane Verbena Body Lotion 5/5
OMG this is one of the best body lotions I’ve ever tried, the scent is addicting (and stays on for a while on the skin so this is not for the sensitive one). It absorbs so quickly and my skin felt so soft afterwards. I’ll probably buy the full size of this one someday.

L’Occitane Almond Hand Cream 4/5
Such a great hand cream, I love the design and this cream softens hands (and absorbs quickly which is very important). Not loving the almond scent though.

empties02 jan.

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VB Effector 3,5/5
I enjoyed using this serum, it was very light and the face felt very fresh after applying. I think it was pretty hydrating, but since I bought it because it was supposed to control sebum (and I don’t think it did that at all) I won’t give it higher points than this.

Lumene Matte Touch Pore Tightening Toner 3/5
I’ve emptied two of these, it’s fun to see how Lumene has stepped up their packaging because these look so outdated when one compares with the new one haha. This toner is pretty basic, it does the job but nothing more. I’ve gone through so many of these in my days, this range was the only skin care products I used before I developed an interest for skin care and all the fab products that are out there.

Biotherm Aquasource Gel Moisturiser 4,5/5
This is a gentle moisturiser and does give good moisture, I’ve used a couple of these travel sizes and I could see myself buying full size from this range. It smells funky but I got used to it and now I almost miss it, haha.

ACO Face Rescue Mist 3,5/5
The nozzle on this was absolute crap, it broke after spraying a few times so I had to change it out to a nozzle from another empty bottle that fortunately fit. This mist also has got a pretty heavy scent, but it is very refreshing and good when one’s got dry skin.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water 5/5
I freaking love this product! I keep it in my fridge and spray it on my face when I feel tired, dehydrated, put on too much powder on my face etc, it’s great for everything. The mist is so fine and it’s very refreshing. I need to buy another one ASAP.

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser 4,5/5
I really enjoyed this cleanser, great scent and left the face feeling very fresh and clean. It was not my every day cleanser, I used it more when I had a really full on makeup day, and yes, I could most defintely buy again and full size this time.

Decléor Hydra Floral Aniti-Pollution Hydrating Gel-Cream 4/5
This came in the LookFantastic Beautybox and I really liked it. My skin felt moisturised, fresh and bright after applying.  Really enjoyed testing this out, it was a good day cream but I don’t think I’ll be buying it.

Dermalogica Total Eye Care 3/5
I’ve spoken about a bunch of Dermalogica products in a separate post, my thoughts didn’t change much after emptying this eye cream. It was a weird beige colour though that sometimes stayed on the skin, which was annyoing and it didn’t absorb very quickly.

L300  Intensive Moisture Eye Cream+ 4,5/5
I stumbled upon this eye cream in my own drawers and was like hey, I’ll try you out. I was having difficulties with dry undereyes and makeup and.. .yeah, there were some dry patches, not pretty. So I started using this and was reminded of how great it was. My undereyes were so much better, with and without makeup. So I think I might grab one of these from the store when I finish my current eye cream.


New in

Wednesday is a great day for a haul, isn’t it!? We think so and we have a few new bits to add to our SC and MU routines!

haul01 jan.

Kiehls Lip Balm #1
Emma S. Moisturising Facial Mist
Pixi Glow Tonic Facial Toner

haul02 jan

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes To Die For The Mascara
NYX Total Control Drop Foundation
NYX Micro Brow Pencil 
Physicians Formula MuruMuru Butter Bronzer 
The Balm Cheater! Mascara (black)

The products are mostly new to us and we haven’t used them enough to make up our minds about them. Just love the Kiehls lip balm tube, it’s adorable. Do not like the smell of the Physicians Formula bronzer but it really was hyped a while back so I decided to give it a go.

Has anyone tried any of these goodies above, thoughts? We’d love to know!

The Monday Post W. 03

Woah, last week just flew by and apparently we’re in some sort of a dry spell when it comes to blogging at the moment. Hopefully we’ll be back at it again properly soon, this week we’re doing a haul, so it won’t be as empty here as it’s been for the last couple of weeks. How do you guys deal with not feeling inspired to blog, if that happens to you?

W03Pictures borrowed from Pinterest.com, you can find us here.

◾ It was love at first sight when J laid her eyes on this bag from Becksöndergaard, unfortunatly it’s made out of sheep leather so that scared me off buying it. I’m not all totally vegan and I probably own a lot of leather and products that are not vegan friendly. I’m not planning on clearing out everything either but this made me feel a bit sick so I definitely have some contemplating about this subject to do.

◾ We know, we’re probably the last persons on the planet to have discovered Stranger Things on Netflix – but  it’s such a good series! Neither of us usually don’t care much for science fiction/horror things, but this show is just so well made that it’s not possible to dislike it. Ugh, it’s like almost a year until the premiere of season 3 though…

◾ I’ve been really happy with my makeup brushes from Real Techniques for the last couple of years, but when I saw this Storybook Cosmetics Secret Garden brush set I felt a sudden need to update my brushes haha, if there was a matching eye brush set I probably would have bought them already. These brushes have real, seasonal flowers that are hand placed in the acrylic handles, which makes each brush unique. 😍

◾ Lately I’ve started to get into more hair care than ever before and saw that IGK Hair is about to drop a new leave-in conditioner  at Sephora. It sounds pretty cool; “clinically proven to eliminate frizz for 24 hours after a single use. Patented Hyaluronic Acid Technology gives deep hydration while pure coconut milk smoothes, nourishes, and strengthens hair”. My hair most def needs to hook up with this product!

The Monday Post W.02

It’s a new week once again, and we somehow ended up not posting a lot last week because we felt that we had nothing new/fun to write about. We’re back though and this week we’re more inspired so there’s a couple of fun posts coming up later this week.

tmpw02Pictures borrowed from Pinterest.com, you can find us here.

◾ So E literally stumbled upon these new charcoal sheet masks from Garnier and ofc she immediately texted me and got us them to try out! She found two diffrent ones, a purifying charcoal mask that minimizes the look of pores, purifies and refreshes and the other one that is hydrating and mattifying (enriched with black tea, LHA and hyaluronic acid.  These could potentially be runner ups for our mutual favourite Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Sheet Mask.

◾ The new colourful Marimekko for Clinique collab is so much fun, I would pick a lipstick in the shade Poppy pop and a lipgloss in the shade Sorbet Pop.

◾ We were out shopping in the neighbouring town a couple of days ago in the worst snow blizzard and somehow we found ourselves in the drive through line at McDonalds (not our proudest moment in life) but it happens sometimes when one is tired and in need of a quick fix of something – and we discovered the new caramel latte. Thankfully we caved in for this sugar high coffee blend, because on the way home there was quite the traffic stop due to a car driving off the road, so it kept our blood sugar levels from crashing.

◾ We went thrifting for some new books last week and have been trying to create some reading time, I find it so relaxing to read and get to wire down properly at night. This year I’m really going to try to read as many book as possible, and also get a bunch of new books to fill my bookshelves with – I think books are such a great way to add personality to ones home decor.

Current skincare/makeup routines

So, we are starting this new blog year with a good old skincare and makeup routine, naturally we have accumulated some new products through our advent calendars and christmas shopping, but there’s also the favourites we never get tired off. We each made a list of what skincare we currently use morning/night and the makeup choices of the day.

J: At the moment I’m so happy to say that my skin is better than ever. This all occured to me just a few days in on some new products, the results were noticable super fast and my redness seems to be in better control thanks to some off my new bottled friends.


My morning skincare routine begins with a warm and damp wash cloth to my face, this makes my pores open up and is a really nice way to wake up in the morning. My face is sensitive in the way that I get really red when I wash and “rub” it with products so I like to keep it simple.

I got this serum for christmas and I really love it so f’ing much! It’s the Biovéne vitamin C 27% facial serum, so this is (as the name gives away) high in vitamin C but also vitamin E and hyaluronic acid amongst other good things, and it does all the things I want a serum to do, it handles the wrinkles and ageing thing and trust me I need it, it also brightens, tightens and makes the skin super soft and alive looking, big thumbs up.

Okay so this next step has been widely debated – when to apply oil on your face, after or before day cream, I heard that the argument to always put oil last won, however I just keep on following my own routine against my better knowledge. Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil. This little sweetheart was door nr. 24 in my LF advent calendar and guys, it smells so nice, it’s the loveliest scent my nose ever has experienced, haha. This oil also contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin A and almond oil. This does a lot of the same things that my serum also does, it rejuvenates and brightens. I just put the tiniest amount because this is soo liquidy (and expensive AF) and then I just pat it on.

Eye cream, this is an very important step because my makeup will look totally shitty if my under eyes are dry, so the one I use right now is Lumene Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel, I had L300 Intensive Moisture Eye Cream+ and it was amazing but it’s empty now so I might be getting myself a new one.

So all of these steps takes time to sink in, I can eat breakfast and check my outfit and ofc scroll my social media before I’m on to the last step, which is a day cream, now lately I have receved so many minis in my calendar and beautyboxes so I juggle between a few, it’s either Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet, Dermosil Redness Relief or Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture Day Cream.  I like them all very much and it just depends on  whch one I’m in the mood for.


Now it’s time for makeup! This particular day was a minimum makeup effort, I had a dentist appointment and I just think that all that magnifying and people close up to your face doesn’t really go with a full face of makeup.
I had an awful scare here around christmas when all the stores were closed and my foundation bottle was empty, so I immediately called my only person I know I can count on in these kind of situations, E, and she lended me this L’oréal Infallible foundation as an emergency solution. I’ve been using it ever since, need to pick up a fresh tube of my beloved Lumene Matt Control when I’m at the store next time.

For powder I’ve been using this from Mesauda Milanon Invisible Skin Finish Translucent Loose Powder and it really has helped me keep a matte face for quite some hours.

I dashed on just a tiny bit of blush, this one is from Essence from the me and my umbrella range, it is a bit more pink irl than the picture gives off, it’s one of those colours where I immediately was like YOU SHALL BE MINE and threw it in my basket haha.

So lately my brows has been done with this ModelCo Retractable Brow Pencil in light/medium which is from my advent calendar, it’s a bit odd for me because the shape is a bit triangular and I’ve never had a brow pencil shaped like that but it’s works really well after getting used to it.

Now for masccara I use L’oréal False Lash Superstar Xfiber, this is double sided and I only use the… nr 1 mascara, the nr 2 is the one with the fibers and I don’t like when they fall down and smudge in my eyes and under eye area.

So this was all the makeup for my morning, then later on I was meeting friends for coffee so I decided to touch up and  put on some eyeshadow, I like to start with the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette and if I feel like adding a bit shine somewhere I reach for my The Balm Nude Dude palette.
And ofc I’m still sticking with my Wet and Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer, which is dope!


And for the best part of the day, taking it all off, I’m starting with wipes and micellar water, hands up for Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water In Oil. 

Next I go in with Eve Lom Cleansing Balm, the smell is not my favourite but it cleanses so gently and well. And again with them warm and damp wash cloths here, hehe. Then it’s serum and oil time, these are atm the same as my morning products.

My eyecream for night is this Filorga Time-Filler Eyes, I’m not overly excited about this but it’s okay, I’ll use it up and probably won’t be buying it.

Depending on what I’m feeling for it’s either just this cream from Dermosil (also in my morning routine) or a sleep mask, I have two atm to switch between; Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial this is a mini from, yet again, my advent calendar, it smells nice and hydrates well. Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack Acerola this is my favourite sleeping mask, the consistensy is so tacky but it smells like honey and it’s a reddish pink in colour. My skin is super soft in the morning after using this.

So these are my products and they keep my skin super happy for now! 🙂

E: My skincare routine is unfortunately a random mess at the moment, but I’m trying to use up a bunch of products in order to make room for new, better ones. I’ve been trying not to buy any “excess” products lately because a. it’s expensive and b. there’s not enough room in my bathroom cabinet haha.


I start my mornings with washing my face with the L’Oreal Pure Clay Cleanser Purify-Mattify to remove excess night cream and oil, because I have plenty of that. I think it actually helps controlling oil a bit during the day, which I am very grateful for.

I’m currently finishing off the Garnier Refreshing Botanical Cleansing Toner Enriched With Aloe Vera, it’s a very basic toner that doesn’t do much – but I think it’s better than no toner at all.

When my face has dried I put on a few drops of the Philosophy Total Matteness oil-free, mattifying pore eraser so I won’t be shiny a couple of minutes after finishing my skincare. This bottle is soon empty, and if anyone’s interested in reading more about this product I did a little review a couple of months ago.

For my eyes I’m currently using Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream, I think it’s an ok eye cream because it’s pretty light and absorbs quickly.

Lastly I use the L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water moisturizer. I’m currently not using any sunscreen which is pretty dumb, but there’s barely any light during the day here when it’s winter so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.


When I did my makeup this morning I just wanted to quickly get ready so I didn’t get into it that much. I started with a few spritzes of Urban Decay Quick Fix Prep Priming Spray followed by Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion.

To even out my redness I use Essence Color Correcting Liquid Concealer in 30 pastel green and to brighten my undereyes, cupid’s bow and browbone the Essence Color Correcting Liquid Concealer in 10 pastel pink.

I’m currently using Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Foundation and Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder to set it in place. The Balm Balm Desert is my go-to bronzer and The Balm Hot Mama blush to get some colour.

For my brows I used the H&M Superfine Browliner and for the eyelashes Ciaté Wonderwand mascara, it’s my new favourite. I finished off todays makeup with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.


My night skincare routine starts with removing makeup and dirt from the day with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water In Oil which we’ve written about like a billion times here on the blog already haha.

I then use a cleanser, I’ve got a couple of different ones that I’m trying to use up, so this time it was the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula.

I use the same toner as in the mornings if I’m going to put on The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% Peeling Formulation, if I don’t use this I use the Clinique Clarifying Lotion instead.

Then it’s time for serum, right now I’m using the last drops of the It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VB Effector, I’m excited to use this (and The Ordinary peeling formulation) up so I can start using the Biovéne hyaluronic acid serum that I got for christmas.

For my eyes I put on Dermosil Eye Gel Cream, it softens and hydrates the eye area which feels really nice.

I’ve started to exfoliate my lips with the Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrup that I also got for christmas before putting on Dermosil Sensitive Lip Balm to keep my lips soft and smooth.. I really like the lip scrub (it also is delicious :D)

As night cream I’m using Dermosil Facial Cream With Vitamin E or if I feel like using a overnight mask I’ve got the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.


The Monday Post W. 01

How satisfying is it that this new year starts on a Monday?! 😀 We’re excited to begin 2018 in an organized and well-planned fashion in all aspects of our lives, we haven’t made any new years resolutions though (well except for trying to get our arses up a bit earlier in the mornings), because we tend to always screw up just a few weeks into January to be honest haha. Have you made any resolutions for this year? 


Pictures borrowed from Pinterest.com, you can find us here.

◾ We’re both bookworms and have been on the site Goodreads for many years to keep track of our book reading. Each year we participate in the reading challenge, 2017 I only made it through 9 books, a few years ago I read 50+ something books in a year (I literally spent NYE reading my last book, the pressure was real haha), and for 2018 I hope to read as many books as I can possibly find the time for.

◾ I’m a sucker for all things retro and fell in love with this Remington retro hair dryer immediately when I laid my eyes on it! It’s so darn cute and I’m having a really hard time not ordering it for myself even though I have a pretty new, fully functioning hair dryer at home…

◾ I finally ordered these Johnny Bulls 5074 platform boots, and fingers crossed that they’ll be perfect for the weather conditions we’re having outside at the moment. I’m so done with slipping around in my sneakers and getting cold (and wet) feet after being outside for just a couple of minutes. I love chunky boots and I think these will be great with jeans, t-shirts/knits and my grey wool winter coat.

◾ I scrolled some beauty news online and stumbled upon this adorable Skin79 cat themed hand cream set, I probably would had bought it if I didn’t have like 10 unopened hand creams at home, this set would make a perfect gift for any cat lover though.

◾ New year means new planners – we are planner freaks and love to make lists, check things off lists etc haha (well, now we sound like such geeks). Haven’t decided on which planner will be the one for this year, there are so many pretty ones and so many directions one can go with a planner – whimsical/Moomin/classic leather etc… Hard (but fun) decisions ahead!


Christmas gift haul

We’re back after a couple of blog-free days, and today we’re going to show you guys some of the things we got for christmas.


E: Other than the things in the picture I got some cash and a bunch of gift cards to various stores that I can’t wait to use. I aso got some Tupperware and woolen socks from my grandparents that I didn’t feel were essential to haul here on the blog haha (I really appreciate the gift though and will get a lot of use out of the things).

Fazer dark blue tin filled with milk chocolates. My favourite chocolate, and the tin is so beautiful as well.

Gold glitter makeup bag. I don’t usually care much for gold but this one is so nice, especially with the chunky zipper – and inside was a gift card to a local fashion store.

Dermosil hand butter that most definitely will live on my nightstand, it’s so cute.

Jeffree Star velour lip scrub in pancakes & syrup. I’ve been wanting a lip scrub for the longest time, and this “taste” has been on my wishlist since the Star family collection was revealed so I’m pretty excited about this one.

Beautyblender swirl! Another item that’s been on my wishlist for quite a while, I love this BB edition (also, my current sponge is getting worn out so it’s time for a new one.)

Biovené hyaluronic acid serum. It’s nothing new that I’m obsessed with serums and I have never heard of this brand before I talked about it here on the blog a while ago so it’ll be fun to try out this serum for myself and see if it’s good.

Scholl velvet smooth refills for my electronic nail- and foot file. These are so practical and I would probably not have spent the money on refills for myself, so this is highly appreciated.

Urban Decay quick fix prep priming spray and all nighter setting spray. OMG these travel-size sprays are the cutest, I haven’t tried the quick fix before so that will be interesting.


It’s always so heart warming recieving things at christmas, in my family the focus is mostly on the kids but I believe we all act a bit like kids on christmas. I’ll go through the things except from money and gift cards.

A super cute bottle of Ice Rosé just in time for new years.

A bunch of sheet masks, this was such a sweet gift and something I wouldn’t be spending my own money on but lovely to receve as a gift.

Face mask kit from Peter Thomas Roth, these minis have been on my list for quite some time and I always get excited when I scroll some website selling them, now they’re mine!

Biovéne vitamin C 27% facial serum, so good timing for a new serum and intrigued by this (to me) new brand, I’ll let you know my thoughts later on about it.

So in this glitter makeup bag there was a giftcard, which I already used, hehe. I decided to pick up a pair of pants, a bit like those in the christmas fashion moodboard a couple of posts ago and lingerie.


All the things did not fit in one frame so here is part deux.

A friend of mine brought me this recipe book that is filled with inspiration so I’ll probably be baking something soon. She also got me this super cute cake server.

I got a little box filled with my favourite candy.

I love Minty Choc Chip shower gel and bodylotion from my niece, so cute.

The Roanoke Girls that I read on christmas day, it turned out to be about something far different from what I ever could have guessed but still was such a good mystery book.

And my mum knitted me these pretty knee high socks that I have slept in ever since I got them.