The Monday Post W. 08

This blog post barely makes it in time to be a Monday Post, but today we’re all about shopping and thought that we would share what products we each have clicked home this evening. Most of these products we have tried out and liked so much that we wanted to repurchase them.

All of the picture sources and product info is linked in the title of each product.

Lumene Matte Oil Free Foundation
This is a favourite in both of our makeup bags. This foundation is a favourite in both of our makeup bags. It’s very blendable and can go from sheer to heavy coverage. It’s one of the better foundations that stops oil from ruining ones makeup, I can go a good 4 hours without any touch ups and that is more than I can say for many other foundations out there. I think we have raved about this foundation a lot over here but at least for us it’s really working!

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray
This setting spray might not be any UD All Nighter, but for the price it’s pretty good. I’d love to see NYX do a way bigger bottle of this, because 60 ml goes really quickly for me.

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo
There is nothing like a dry shampoo to save the day, even if the hair is clean it gives both texture and good volume, and ofc for those days when one really should have taken the time to wash the hair but didn’t. Dry shampoo has saved us MANY times over the years and we prefer Batiste to do so, this Blush one or the Volumizing is a great purchase according to us.

Biovéne Vitamin C 27% Facial Serum
This was introduced to me as a christmas gift from E and I really liked it, my bottle is  almost empty now and I decided to get myself a second bottle and E also made the very wise decision to purchase one for herself as well. Our faces will be brighter and fresher than ever this spring.

Kostar 5 Finger Nail Pack
It really feels like I’m not doing anything else than constantly moisturizng my hands this winter. The air is suuuper dry and the cold does not help, can’t wait for spring to come and warmer, nicer days! This mask will hopefully come in handy (ehehe) for a nice manicure/spa evening.

Mesuda Milano Invisible Skin Finish Translucent Loose Powder
A powder favourite of mine, it’s really fine though, so I always hold my breath when applying, I’ve inhaled this shit so many times and I can tell you it tastes really bad. But to press this on your foundation with a damp sponge holds the makeup in place for such a long time. The Lumene foundation and this powder + the damp sponge is the best base combo my face has ever had.

I think all of these products are the kind that you run out of all the time and need to repurchase, so of course we want good products for a reasonable price, there are products we are willing to put more money on simply because in those cases expensive might be better (like eye cream!), but these products are all affordable and we really think these products are great.

Have you tried any of these products?


The Monday Post W. 07

Hey guys, it’s Monday again. The weeks just fly by and it feels like we don’t have much time for other blogging than these Monday posts at the moment. The destiny of this blog is a bit unsure, we don’t know where to go with the content or how invested we really are at this point. There is so much going on offline right now and some sort of dry spell creativity wise. But these Monday posts seem to help us holding up the mood and staying inspired. So we’ll just see how things will roll on in the future!


Pictures borrowed from, you can find us here

◾ I miss not having a little furry cuddle friend soo much. To have someone that always is happy and glad to see you. It’s really important to have friends in your life and a really good friend can also be a four legged barking furball who licks your nose and looks at you with a gaze full of love and appreciation. Been watching a lot of funny animal videos over at YT and these dogs just keeps stealing my heart every time.

◾ Have you seen that The Balm released some new bronzers? They are (as always) funny and prettily packaged – Oskar, Tony and Graham.E. I would go for Oskar, the lightest shade. I’m currently using Physicians Formula butter light bronzer, the colour is good, a bit on the warmer side but it’s okay, the smell however is like… no thank you. Judging by the pictures this Oskar shade looks a tad cooler, that would be really nice to try, I like The Balm products and have never been disappointed by anything, one of my favourite and most used eyeshadow palettes is their Nude Dude palette.

◾ I wouldn’t mind getting a headboard for my bed, I have been dreaming of a tufted headboard in a brown/beige colour for soo long. There’s just a space issue that stopped me from getting one, but I keep on imagining that there are so many ways I could amp up the level of how cozy my bedroom would be with a headboard. And ofc following with new linen and pillows and a new lamp etc, haha I guess it’s the never ending search for contempt that we humans just don’t seem capable of achieving.

That’s about it of what’s going on at the moment. Good things in life are that I actually have been crawling out of bed every morning before 7 o’clock this week, how much light a day contains now that we are moving forward to spring and a pair of pants I found in the back of my closet that I simply forgotten about and now live in. Hope you guys have a great week!

The Monday Post W. 06

Yay, it’s Monday and the sun is out like every day now which brings soo much energy and new life to us, need to start using that SPF though. The weekend has contained some thrifting which resulted in “new” flower pots and books. I feel so relaxed and ready for a new week and, it’s February, also known as J’s birthday month, exciting! There will most definitely be a wish list coming up soon!

Pictures borrowed from, you can find us here.
◾ Can’t wait for Lily Pebbles The F word to be released, it’s happening soon (8th of March) and we are both eager to read it. Don’t know how I at first somehow thought she was writing a childrens book, lol, my head works in strange ways sometimes. Her book is about friendship and the design of it is really fresh and nice.

◾ It’s hard to miss when KKW releases a new product, these Kimoji Hearts fragrances are super cute and got that almost kitsch, cheap 90s vibe design which E is obsessing over and would go for both BFF and Ride or die, which one would you choose?

◾ After a trip to the hair dresser I came home with a different look, not sure if it will be a long lasting colour but yeah… It’s sort of a cold greyish colour. I was planning on a slightly colder shade of blonde but while browsing the colour charts something went wrong, haha. I’m not mad, just need to find a new eyebrow pen in a more suitable shade now. A few years ago I had black hair and this is kinda nostalgic, love how it brings out the blue in my eyes!

◾ The plants are getting some extra love this week, it’s time to put  some fresh soil in their pots to give them a growth kick. E only has 40 plants so she’s got her hands full, haha. I really think plant’ changes the vibe of a home, in some way it makes the space to much cozier. A friend of mine once said that she visited me twice in like a month or so and the first time I only had about 3 plants and the second time she came over there was like an explosion of green, plants everywhere. I suppose that was around the time I started to see the way greenery changes the interior and went a little crazy in the flower store haha.

Coffee thoughts

Okay, let’s try this scenario, I’m sitting here with coffee and a computer and firing away on the keyboard, really don’t know what turn this is going to take but shall we try?

It’s the very last day of January and the month has gone by super quick, well at least we think so. As one of many I get relly inspired in the beginning of a new year, I make lists of all things I want to change and accomplish etc. All of my resolutions I haven’t kept but a few I’ve actuallly not totally butchered – like I’m still putting on body lotion after almost every shower. I’m still fighting the alarm clock in the morning, since I don’t have to wake up 6 am for anything, I can fool myself quite well actually to sleep longer, not good! Any one else struggling with their new years resolutions?

Pictures borrowed from, you can find us here.

You know what occured to me like an epiphany this morning? All the closets, cabinets and drawers in my home are finally simultaniously organized, this is a very rare occasion. Now I’m afraid to move or do anything in my own home that might mess this up, I’m terribly good at creating a mess that will take me literally days to clean up. Right in the middle of my cleaning yesterday (this is perhaps why cleaning normally takes me days, I keep taking detours) I stared doing “art” haha, I have this big square frame and I dont’ know where to find an art piece for it so… I just took a big paper roll and splashed paint onto it creating a mess on the paper and then I just left it to dry. Looking at it now, I’m not sure though… I might put it in the frame just to see it in action and if there is a suitable place for it.
It might be inspiration from my current app obsession, which is sort of a game called Design Home in which one can do interior design. A couple of years ago E found this app and I had to download it too. Now this exact same thing happened again, E redownloaded it and started using it again so I got inspired and had to get it too haha. Speaking of design, I watched this amazing living room tour on YT yesterday and it’s so freaking nice, I need her curtains and the prints, and the chair and the sofa and the bar cart and… Well, basically everything. It’s so pretty!


The snow just keeps falling here and it almost requires practical footwear, so if I try to wear any sneakers it’s something like Bambi on ice. So naturally I’m starting to dream about other seasons, to something like London in the fall or any other cosy English environment, perhaps the seaside would be nice to see… I’m like almost packing right now because I get very excited thinking about England, I even love how the air smells  there and the feeling to stand on English pavement, well it’s pretty obvious that I’m obsessed with England. Now I’m totally focused on saving money so that I can go, I might even take on a second job so that I could save some more… Have to give this one a thought. But mentally I’m already there and the best thing is that E is like even more obsessed with England so I have my travelling buddy chosen already!

Well if this wasn’t quite tha ramble then I don’t know what is! This is how my head works, hopping from one thing to another. Let me know if you think this blog post was so horrible that it shouldn’t occur on this blog anymore or if you want to read more random thoughts like this!

The Monday Post W. 05

It’s Monday again and I’m using this post as some sort of a wish list apparently today, I’m currently trying to not spend any unneccessary money (which means that my need for shopping is bigger than ever haha) because I’m trying to save money so I can go on a trip/buy something fancy instead of a million cheaper things I don’t really need or want.


Pictures borrowed from, you can find us here.

◾ I saw that my local beauty store has got a new L’Oréal product – the Superliner Tattoo Signature eyeliner, which to me looks an awful lot like the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I really haven’t been into eyeliner in a few years, before that I wore winged liner on an everyday basis and lately I’ve been inspired to get into all that again so this liner might be a good match for me since I’m a fan of felt tip liners.

There’s also a new line of L’Oréal primers that I thought looked interesting, there’s a Mattifying one (which I’ll probably end up getting, don’t know if it’s the same one as the clear tube with black and red text though with just new packaging). There’s also a Pore Refining one and an Anti Redness one, so there’s basically one for everyone. Weird that they haven’t made a illuminating/glow/whatever one considering the glowy trend going on.

◾ I’m currently in some phase where I’m so bored with big eyeshadow palettes, it’s so weird because that’s usually my favourite makeup category. I’m basically using the same little eyeshadow quad every day at the moment and when I saw the Smashbox Photo Edit eyeshadow trios I (of course) started feeling like I might need one of them in my everyday makeup routine. Also, the packaging is so cute with its camera lens-inspired design.

◾ OMG I just watched the Jeffree Star Love Sick Collection reveal video, and I’m obsessed with the red situation they’ve got going on right now! Also, very appropriate for Valentines day which is just a couple of days after the launch of the collection. I’m probably not going to get the palette (because reasons stated above), but it’s cool that they’re doing something different with the packaging and I loved the clasps that one uses to open/close it. The whole palette packaging really is unique and I think it’s great that the brand goes its own way. I most definitely will not get any of the lipsticks either unfortunately, because it’s nothing new that I can’t deal with any kind of lipstick on my microscopically tiny lips haha. I might get the Candy Necklace Velour Lip Scrub though, I got the Pancakes & Syrup one as a christmas gift and I think it’s such a great lip scrub that also is very reasonably priced.

◾ Lastly I’m intrigued by Yankee Candle Spring 2018. It’s a pastel dream called Enjoy the Simple Things and includes Sweet Nothings, Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose, A Calm & Quiet Place and (what I think would be my favourite since my fave candle ever is their Vanilla Cupcake one) Rainbow Cookie with notes of citrus, peach and vanilla frosting.

#LFBEAUTYBOX January 2018

It’s finally time to unbox the January LookFantastic Beautybox, it took some extra time to get this months box but at last it’s here.


The look of the box this time is pastel blue and green, it’s a new look and it sounds like this is the theme for the whole of 2018. I’m not sure about what to think, I get that it’s more convenient in many prospects to have the same design to follow, it minimizes the work when coming up with the design ideas and producing the boxes etc. I still think I will miss getting the surprise of not knowing what the box of the month will look like. Well, on to the content!


The bad boys in this box are:

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum
This little one sounds PERFECT for me! Let me tell you some of the good deeds this one will do for your face; it’s especially good for combo skin (which is more or less me), eucalyptus that will calm down redness and kanuka oil that has a natural anti-bacterial effect on the skin. Can’t wait to start this trial.

Monuspa Warming Ginger Bath & Body Oil
Apperantly this is an awakening oil to use after the morning shower, sounds interesting. I’m really bad at moisturising my body properly after every shower, it really does not happen after every shower, I need to get better at this and maybe this product will help me out.

Espa Pink Hair & Scalp Mud
Okay so this is exactly what I need right now, my scalp is so dry and itchy, I literally jump on and try anything that could give me relief with this. Super excited!

Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser
So handy to recieve a cleanser now when I’m all out of cleansers! Super fun.

Erno Laszlo Toners
There were tree different toners; Hydraphel Skin Supplement, Light Controlling Lotion and the one I received is White Marble Essence Lotion. This one is for dark spots, dull and hyper-pigmented skin and it brightens and evens out the skin tone. I’m not actually that into toners, don’t really know why since I know they are very beneficial to especially oily skin, but I’ll give this one a go and we’ll see if it turns me over to the toner side of skin care.

Modelco 3D Lash Primer
I’ve never had a lash primer before, I’m not really your primer type of girl except for eyeshadow primer, but I’ll give it a go. Wouldn’t mind those lashes looking a bit longer…

I think this was a great start of the year beautybox wise, I’m in on my 5th box and I must say I’m still liking the products and the variety of them. I love waiting for the next box and the surprises that comes in it and I’m overall really pleased with LookFantastic.